Network Protocols

A communication protocol is a system of rules that allow two or more entities of a communications system to transmit information via any kind of variation of a physical quantity. These are the rules or standard that defines the syntax, semantics and synchronization of communication and possible error recovery methods. Protocols may be implemented by hardware, software, or a combination of both.


Added HTTP2 Explained

The book HTTP2 Explained describes the protocol HTTP/2 at a technical and protocol level. Background, the protocol, the implementations and the future.

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Added HTTP Succinctly

With HTTP Succinctly, you’ll learn all about something you use on a daily basis.

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Added High Performance Browser Networking

You’ll then dive into performance characteristics of technologies such as HTTP 2.0, client-side network scripting with XHR, real-time streaming with SSE and WebSocket, and P2P communication with WebRTC.

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